Days 3 & 4: Much better

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I’m writing this at lunch time of day 4 from a place called Skyland. We climbed way up to get here, but there is awesome 3G! Hey-o! 

Yesterday went much better than Day 1. I did 9 miles yesterday and met two other thru-hikers about 2 miles from the place I was going to camp. Their names are Piston and Papillon (French for butterfly). We are lunch at a little Wayside and then went down to the campground to do laundry and shower. We then set up our tents and went to the Lodge for a beer and dinner. There, we met Yellowbird, Snuggles, Darwin and Roob. They have all been hiking since Georgia, so I’m doing much fewer miles per day than them. 

Papillon and I decided to split the cost of a campsite and hike together today because he is doing fewer miles than the others. He’s a middle-aged guy (At least, that’s what I assume from the gray in his beard). We are doing 14 miles today–we’ve already done 8 this morning. Hopefully I can keep up. It’s hard hiking with people who already have their “hiking legs”!

Speaking of legs, I’ve gotten lucky so far with blisters. I only have one, and it’s not too painful. I’ve been treating it consistently, so hopefully it goes away soon.

 Only 1265 miles to go!  
 Some a-okay views today. 

This deer ain’t scared. *
*Not pictured: the first bear I saw today! He was really scared. Took off as soon as he saw us.

4 thoughts on “Days 3 & 4: Much better

  1. I would imagine this journey has ups and downs and learning how to cope with not only the terrain but how your body responds to it is a mile by mile learning experiance. Proud of you for living your life!


  2. Ali, I’m so glad you are blogging your adventure. Praying in Meade, KS for your health and safety! The AT was the first place we took Theron camping and hiking. He was less than a year old so doesn’t remember it at all. LOL


  3. Awesome pics Ali, man it has to be breathtaking…in more Han one sense of the word.
    So glad you decided to blog. I’ve been spying and hoping for new updates daily. Keep on keepin’ on.


  4. Ali, I am impressed, and a little jealous of the fun you will have! I would never have the guts to do
    Something like that alone. Have a great time, stay hydrated and be careful! Love ya!


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