Days 8 & 9: Trail Magic!!

Hike Days

Wednesday was Day 8, and I did my biggest day so far of 18 miles. Part of my hike on Wednesday included half of The Roller Coaster, a 13.5 mile stretch of steep ascents and descents that kicked my butt. Just as I was pulling myself out of the third ascent, I saw a white tent set up next to the trail in a clearing. MY FIRST TRAIL MAGIC!!! A group of people were cooking hotdogs and handing out pops, snickers, chips, doughnuts, and fruit to hikers. I had a couple bags of chips, a Pepsi, a doughnut and a Snickers. It was seriously the best timing!! I got to the shelter and found Darwin, Snuggles, Rube, Hip Flask and Earth already there. Because we had walked in the rain for four days, the six of us decided to sleep in the shelter so our tents wouldn’t get wet.

It stormed through the night and was pouring when we woke up. The others got around quicker than I did, but I finally made myself get up and out in the rain by 7:30.

I did about 15 miles today (finished off the Roller Coaster), and got to camp about 2:30. I was debating doing the additional 8 miles to Harper’s Ferry to sleep in a bed, take a shower and get into dry clothes, but after I ate some ramen, I decided to stay with the crew. Oh, AND I crossed over to West Virginia and passed the 100-mile mark of my hike! Yes!

I’m laying in my sleeping bag now trying to stay warm! Water is a quarter mile away so I’m hoping I don’t need any more for the night!

I just have 8 miles to do tomorrow and then I’m taking a zero on Saturday. Then back to the trail on Sunday!

Here’s hoping the rain stops soon!!

  Finished Virginia!! Over 100 miles done. Lips are purple because it’s freezing.

  White blaze in the rain.

This is what a good chunk of the trail looked like on Day 8.

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