Day 15: Another Zero

Zero Days

I woke up this morning with a still-sore knee so I decided to stay at this B&B another day. It’s really frustrating to not be able to hike, but I know I need to take care of my body.

Roub called me this afternoon and suggested that I yellow blaze to catch up with the group about 35 miles up the trail. Yellow blazing, named after the yellow lines in the middle of the road, means taking a shuttle or hitching a ride. After thinking it over, though, I decided that I would just start walking from where I left off yesterday. And I also decided that I’m going to try to fight the urge to do big miles despite what others are doing. I need time to strengthen my body so it doesn’t break down on me. So I’ll be doing a lot of 12, 13, 14 and 15-mile days for the next few weeks. 

I’ve just been laying in bed most of the day, only getting up to eat weight out of my pack. I’ve also cut about a pound more out of my base weight (not including food and water), so I hope that helps with my knee trouble as well. 

If you’re a prayer-er, keep praying for me. Pray for a healthy body and for mental/emotional stability. It sometimes feels like this is the first AND the last thing I want to be doing. Also pray for fewer rocks because they suck.

That’s it! Goodnight! 

This B&B cat won’t stop trying to snuggle with me. He’s looking really scary and fierce in this picture.

11 thoughts on “Day 15: Another Zero

  1. I am a “prayer-er” so my petitions will include healing and strength for you. My praises will be for your courage to step out of a comfort zone, and your wonderful optimism. Stay Safe!

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  2. I pray for you every morning. Take care of yourself and would it be to much trouble for you to bring that cat back with you to Lawrence? Lol. It’s so cute !
    Love to you Ali!

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  3. Prayers for you, Ali. Sometimes you just need a short break! I so look forward to reading your blogs. You are doing awesome! Keep plugging along!

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  4. I just am so impressed with everything you do basically..but the thing that most impresses me right now…is that you are allowing that cat to be that close to you.
    I was terrified just looking at it. I had to scroll by it fast.

    I love you!


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