Day 16: Crossed into Pennsylvania


Made it 15 miles today and crossed into Pennsylvania. This is my 4th state! My knee held up until about the last 3 miles, but I made it and took some ibuprofen and am resting now! Feels good. 
I started the day in PenMar Park, which is on the border of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Back in the late 1800s PenMar Park was a huge summer getaway. We’re talking a fancy dining room that seated 5,000 people. We’re talking a church picnic that attracted 15,000 people. Can you imagine how much potato salad was consumed? Huge. They had a dance pavilion, a penny arcade, a train, plenty of overlooks pand tons of hotels. The park lost popularity as the 1900s rolled on, and when I was there today, there were only two other people there. And those two other people gave me cookies! 

I met two women today: Hendo and Hendo’s mom. Hendo, like a lot of hikers out here, is a veteran who was deployed to Afghanistan and to Iraq and is now “walking off the war.” She and her mom have been walking the trail for 15 months– FIFTEEN MONTHS!! They told me that they spent a good portion of the winter snowshoeing Vermont. I wish I would have asked them how much more trail they had. I can’t imagine what “real life” would look like after 15 months of walking. 

There are two other guys at the shelter tonight. Both of them are section hikers, but both of them are planning to hike up to Maine like me. Big sections! 

Doing about 13 tomorrow. I hear there is a snack bar along the trail tomorrow. I WILL be getting myself a Dr. Pepper. 

 Pennsylvania! Bye, Maryland!

 Hendo’s bag patches  

2 thoughts on “Day 16: Crossed into Pennsylvania

  1. Oh stars, Ali! I’m so excited and happy for you! Back on that trail, making friends and eating cookies. I LOVE reading of your adventures. Thanks for sharing your world with me. As a pray-er, I take time each day to pray for you. Be well, be safe! Enjoy your Dr. Pepper.


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