Day 19: Boiling Springs

Hike Days

I hit the trail at 6:40 this morning so I could be in Boiling Springs by noon. Just did 12 miles today, but it felt like a lot more. I had a tough time adjusting to all the climbs after days of fairly flat terrain. However, the last mile and a half was through flat farmland, and while it was really hot, it was nice to get out of the trees and see the horizon. I felt like I was at home as I was literally walking in someone’s cornfield (even though there were mountains in the backdrop). And as if it couldn’t get any better, there was a guy doing trail magic at an intersection, so I got to drink a Dr. Pepper during my last mile into Boiling Springs!

Boiling Springs’ main attraction is a duck pond that sits in the middle of and takes up most of the town. I had actually been to this town before a couple years ago when Spencer and I took a road trip through the northeast. Pretty strange to see the same places in such a different context! I sat at the duck pond for about an hour before garnering the strength to do anything else. 

After the ducks, I walked over to the swimming pool and paid $1 to take a shower. I also took the opportunity to do some laundry in the shower! It felt SO GOOD to get all the grime off of my body and to wash the sweat and mud out of my clothes. I never thought a swimming pool shower would be a luxury, but it provided everything I needed and more!
Finally, I found the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Mid-Atlantic Office and went in to plug in my phone and relax on their couch for a little bit. The volunteer at the office was so kind and even offered me the hiking shoes off of her own feet when I complained that mine were still wet from the rain 2 days ago. They were slightly too small so she still has shoes. 🙂
After my phone charged, I walked over to a pizza place and got pizza, French fries and another Dr. Pepper. It was glorious, obviously. 

Boiling Springs doesn’t have campsites other than a site set up for AT hikers in someone’s cornfield. So I’m here. It’s a nice flat spot. 

It’s supposed to rain tonight. I’m still paranoid about my tent flooding out, but I’ll be in Duncannon in two days where Spencer’s mom will pick me up. She’s letting me stay a few nights at her house, which I’m very excited about! So, if worse comes to worse, I’ll be able to dry stuff out at her place.

I’ll eat breakfast at a cafe in town tomorrow morning and then head out   for 14.3 miles!

Did a lot of rock scrambling and boulder squeezing today

 Appalachian Express, take me to Maine!  

The last part of the hike today took me through this. Awesome!

   Just a tent in a cornfield

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