Day 27: More rocks. More rain. MORE MAGIC!

Hike Days

I woke up super sore from climbing over all the rocks yesterday, but I was determined to do the 17.7 miles of trail plus a 2 mile blue blaze to Palmerton in order to stay at the FREE Jailhouse Hostel and do some food resupply.

It drizzled most of the morning so I was soaked by about 8 miles in. Fortunately, it didn’t get too wet until after most of the crazy rock climbing on Knife’s Edge and Bake Oven Knob. I completely understand the reason behind the naming of Knife’s Edge, but I don’t understand Bake Oven Knob. Oh well.

Lucky Strike caught me about 12 miles into my day and asked me how far I was going. I told him about the Jailhouse Hostel, and he said, “Somebody told me that place closed.” Apparently somebody vandalized it, and they shut it down. 

I still needed to do a small resupply on food to get me through the next few days, so I decided to go to Palmerton anyway.

I started walking on the BUSY highway into Palmerton not even trying to get a hitch because there were hardly any shoulders and the cars were moving too fast. Pretty soon, though, magic happened. A lady named Trish pulled over and told me to get in. I quickly ran up to the car and lugged my soaking wet pack on top of my lap in the passenger’s seat. Literally as soon as I got in the car, it started down pouring. After introducing ourselves, I told Trish about my lodging predicament and asked if there were any other places to stay in Palmerton. She lives in a town about 5 miles from Palmerton and didn’t know of any place in either Palmerton or the town where she lives. She suggested that I go by the place where the hostel used to be (it turned out to be city hall, not a jail) and ask them for info. But first, she first dropped me off at the grocery sore to resupply. She needed to go by the vet and told me she’d pick me up in a few minutes. I walked to city hall after I was done with the grocery store and found out that the closest place to stay was in a town about 10-15 miles away. 

I got back in the car and told Trish the news. She then offered to drop me off there tonight AND pick me up an take me back to the trail the next morning, which is about a 40 minute round trip for her. What a MIRACLE WOMAN!!

It’s still pouring outside five hours later. But I am warm and dry and happy. I plan to spend the night eating food and blow drying my shoes. 

More pictures, as promised! Still don’t have very good service so not a ton.

 Appalachian Creek after all the rain    

 TONS of old coal mining towns on the trail. You would never know there were towns here 100 years ago because of all the forest regrowth.

Sampling of the rocks on the trail 

   Nice overlook onto PA farmland

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