Days 25 and 26: Joke’s on me. I found all the rocks.

Hike Days

Yesterday, I hiked into Port Clinton where I got another hotel room. Hiking from hotel to hotel on the trail is known as platinum blazing. It’s amazing. It wasn’t an awesome day of hiking so I didn’t want to camp. A bed, shower, fish and chips and a DP at the hotel restaurant did me right, and I woke up in a good mood.

Today, I hiked 22.6 miles. My biggest day yet! I felt great for most of it, but I really had to work to finish the last 7 miles. The rocks started kicking my butt yesterday and today. I fell a couple times, but no real harm done–just a couple of scraped chins and a sore hand.

I’m still hanging with a couple of guys I met on my first day back in the trail. Jester, whom I mentioned in previous blogs, and Lucky Strike, because he has no filter, and I keep running into each other. It was a good group of folks at camp tonight, and someone even made a fire!

I met TnT, another German hiker today. Jester filmed him making dinner for his documentary because of his strange eating habits. For breakfast AND dinner every day, he makes a meal of six fudge poptarts, oatmeal, water, and crunchy peanut butter. Just mashes it all together and eats it for two meals everyday!!

I’ll hike into a town called Palmerton tomorrow. They have a free place for hikers to stay that has showers, so I’m sure there will be quite a few people there. It may or may not be in the basement of the jail. We shall see.

I couldn’t get any pics to upload. I’ll post more pics when I have better service!


5 thoughts on “Days 25 and 26: Joke’s on me. I found all the rocks.

  1. Yay! Congrats on over 40 miles in the last 2 days. So Amazing. Sounds like you’ve got your hiking legs now. Keep it up. So proud of you. Of course a shower, a soft bed and fried food washed down with a DP makes everything better! Love ya!


  2. Ali, Keep tough! You can do it. Make the guys pick you up when you fall!! You are doing great! Hope you are out of the rocks.
    Love You, Grandma D.


  3. We finished our section crim Port Clinton to Delaware Water Gap last Friday. Fun section, the rocks will keep you company for sure! Shower at Eckville Shelter. The caretaker is awesome, has a hearing disorder. Some think he is rude…not so. He was wonderful, give respect,get respect! Have fun! No water on the ridge. Stempa will help you out, see AWOLS guide for number. 🙂


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