Days 5 & 6: bigger miles

Hike Days

On Sunday, Day 5 of The Hike, I hiked my biggest day: 17.5 miles! I was feeling really tired the last 5, but it started down pouring during the last 3 miles, which was surprisingly refreshing. Made me feel clean! It stopped raining right before I got to camp around 5:15. During the downpour, I was praying that my gear wouldn’t get wet. And YES–my pack’s rain cover did its job and kept all my stuff dry. I was able to change into a dry set of clothes and snuggle into my dry sleeping bag. It rained through the night, and I was worried that my tent was going to flood, but it didn’t! YES, again! 

This morning, I woke up to screams coming from the shelter. A copperhead had come into the shelter during the night, and the boys were having fun teasing two Australian girls by prodding it closer to their boots. This is why I don’t stay in the shelter…even when it’s raining!! After the screams, I got up, picked a couple slugs out of my wet hiking boots and pulled them on.

Today, Papillon and I just did about 10.5 miles to a hostel just off the trail called Terrapin Station Hostel. The owner of the hostel is a big Grateful Dead fan. At this hostel, for $30, you can get a bunk, shower (shampoo included), laundry, two pizzas, two sodas and a pint of ice cream. While my hunger hasn’t reached the level of most hikers out here, I’m getting there slowly. It’s amazing what these people can eat and still lose tons of weight! One guy I’ve crossed paths with at 2-3 shelters has lost 58 pounds in the 2 1/2 months he’s been on the trail.

I’ve officially been trail named. I went four days without one, but was dubbed “Oz” by a guy named Darwin who’s hiking the AT with his wife, Snuggles. He was amazed that I love Kansas, so, naturally, he named me Oz (because nobody knows anything else about Kansas).

Anyway, that’s all for today. Hoping to get a lot of rest so my legs feel better tomorrow.


Will hike for food.


Trekking poles of all variaties.


The scene this morning after a night of storms.


I like when I get to the top.

6 thoughts on “Days 5 & 6: bigger miles

  1. Ali, I think about you daily. When I get home after work I always look to see if you have posted something new. Sounds like you days are getting much better than the first day you were on the trail. I will say you don’t have 58 lbs. on your little body to loose as the guy you talked about in your post. Enjoy each day, as we are living the journey through your eyes. Be careful, be safe. Love you girl.
    Auntie Bev


  2. You have a trail name! Wizard of Oz really is the only thing non-Kansans know about our great state but it does make a good trail name anyway 😊

    Your pictures and entries have been wonderful at just a week in and I’m sure they will only get better! I’m glad to hear you haven’t had too much trouble since your first day. Looking forward to reading and seeing more soon. Keep up the great work Oz!


  3. 17.5 big day! If you aren’t already I would line the inside of your pack with a big black heavy duty garbage bag. At some point during four or five days of relentless rain a pack cover becomes ineffective 😦


  4. This is amazing! I’m living vicariously through you right now. I have been dreaming of doing the AT for the last few months. I just can’t take that much time off work. But maybe next summer. What an amazing journey! Keep going, we’re with you!


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